Young Dynasty is the name and I'm a upcoming Hip Hop Artist from the south,Alabama to be exact . Music has been my passion since I was a child. Growing up I was always exposed to music .through my mom & uncle who was a DJ.As a child I  only viewed rap as fun  Music compared to blues and other genres but as soon as I heard Tupac's Dear Mama it changed my whole perspective .Seeing how music impacted others is what made me decide start righting rhymes. The first rap I wrote was effortless and pretty good for an 8yr old . It took years of rapping for my older brothers friends before I was able to record an actual song.over that period of time is when my love for rap music really blossomed .There is a huge age gap between me &  my brothers so I would find myself being bored a lot which resulted in me writing more rhymes.By the time I was eleven I had  recorded my first demo and I haven't looked back since. I have released over 10 full length projects over the years .I started out making pointless song about girls and just trying to show how good I can rap but as I grew I started to personalize my music .The type of music I make today is motivational music .I often pull inspiration for a song from what's going on in my personal life.